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    Actually, i think i got it confused with the Snowy 2.0 decision due out this month.

    Stage1 report was done for Battery of the nation, and found it viable, they are supposedly doing a deeper stage2 analysis, but cant find any details.

    Project page is https://www.hydro.com.au/clean-energy/battery-of-the-nation

    I suspect some of the $5B Labor is allocating to the transmission infrastructure fund might end up involved.

    "Tasmania touts its “Battery of the Nation” – half the cost of Snowy 2.0

    It is also drawing inevitable comparisons with the federal government’s pet renewables project, Snowy 2.0, which will deliver less than half the capacity and has been estimated to cost up to $4.5 billion, or $2.25 million per MW.
    By contrast ARENA says Tasmania’s pumped hydro capacity, which is expected to be refined down further by HydroTas to a total of 2500MW of high potential sites, has an estimated total capital cost of $1.1 – $2.34 million per MW."


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