I did not know the generators had been removed from the site....

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    I did not know the generators had been removed from the site.

    Yep, they were only leased for a short time to cover a potential shortfall.
    Ran for about 15 minutes for testing.

    This year AEMO have covered themselves with the RERT market and new generation that came online.

    Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader.


    For summer 2017-18, 1,141 MW of RERT resources were available, and the final RERT costs were $51.99 million, covering payments for availability ($27.03 million), pre-activation ($21.56 million), and activation ($3.23 million).

    These costs were recovered from market customers in South Australia and Victoria.
    AEMO’s review of last summer’s operations estimated that this equated to an annual average of less than $6.00 (about 0.3% of an average household bill) per household bill.

    The approach outlined above for summer 2018-19 has identified a similar level of resources needed to manage the identified risks, although the types of resources and cost structure differs due to the resources identified through the procurement process.

    This year, only 40 MW of resources are contracted under long notice RERT, with additional reserves accessible through the existing AEMO/ARENA trial, or on short and medium notice RERT panel agreements.

    The total cost is expected to be lower than last summer (this expectation is based on current understanding of resources made available to the market).

    However, under prolonged low rainfall conditions, if sufficient cooling water for Latrobe Valley generators cannot be accessed from the drought reserve, the forecast expected unserved energy level in Victoria increases in the second year of the outlook period.
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