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    You keep banging on about the gas but the fact is we don't have access to it. For better or for worse both sides of state politics won't touch it . Turnbull tried to put pressure on Victoria to change the rules and now he's gone.

    A future federal Labor government with it's renewable target isn't likey to go there either.

    One of the good things about Labor winning federally is that they will introduce the NEG or something very similar. This will allow energy companies to get on with adapting their businesses.

    I also expect them to get on with Snowy 2.0 as much of the work has already been done for them.

    I agree with you on the Tassie battery and the need for a second cable. While it would be expensive, it is going to serve the east coast states for decades and provides redundancy in case we have another failure. Can't remember how much they spent when the cable failed but I imagine it would be a nice down payment on a second one.

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