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I encourage readers to do an advanced search on ASB83's posts...

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    I encourage readers to do an advanced search on ASB83's posts for the month prior to the share price run up in Sept 2017.

    Look at the way he was posting; the negativity, where the share price was going next... hell, everything he is posting now.

    Then look at what actually happened next and what his posts suddenly became...

    FYI, by his posting he missed buying the bottom, and certainly tried his best to ensure as many others as possible did as well.

    Be careful who you have decided gives "sound advice"...

    ie. did anyone buy GLN off Facthunters rampant cross promotion here? Timing couldnt have been worse... 2/3rds off the high within a few days...

    IMO, Go Long. Wait it out. Even ASB's opinion will turn soon enough.


    FYI - The reason forums like HC matter to the shorts (as was dismissed by some posters above) is that the retail holders shares are the only shares the shorts have a chance to get their hands on. The insto's (if you haven't noticed) are not selling. Some under the 5% threshold have played a bit of pre-organised pass the parcel, you know the kind that is played these days where the parents watch to ensure EVERY kid gets a prize... but their average holdings haven't actually dropped.

    HC is where many (most?) retail investors that would have ever looked to invest in something like Lithium go/have gone for information (unfortunately)... 15%+ shorts and only 15% retail holding in GXY creates quite a conundrum for the short positions still open...

    So HC and the like become their last hope. a vehicle to directly influence retail holders actions. (Yes even though most are small holdings individually). Imo they dont just want the share price down for the sake of it, they want your shares full stop, for what is likely coming next across the industry. (DYOR)

    Once you look at it like that you see why HC is targeted by so much rubbish. It has become a psychological minefield (and a cesspool of misinformation).

    So many games being played. And for those easily susceptible to "emotion based trading", it is probably better not to look at all, because by doing so, you are in fact playing their game.

    So DYOR. Buy because YOUR research tells you the price is cheap. And hold until the detail of your research becomes reality.
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