vic labor pay-off to building 'thugs' riles boral

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    Nice headline across todays fin review people. We basically have a govt rewarding a criminal orgainsation full of thugs and crooks. Well gee fellas, why would anyone be surprised. Its the labor party. The slush fund party, the debt party, the dodgy party, the union party, the standover party.
    The govt is taking a stand for thugs and crooks according to the article. Where is the royal commission now folks? why do we put up with deliberate counter legal activity like this? Its all over the place and somehow crooks get voted in. I would like one person to tell me just how this is good for the state and just how this helps the country and buyers of properties?
    Answer? it doesnt and was never designed to help anyone except a corrupt union movement. This guy is backed buy thugs and crooks. we are mad putting up with this stuff/
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