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    i agree skippa.... but i was just highlighting short term euphoria which does happen, short termness causes mispricing.. and you have seen the internet sector do this in the past.. however, times have changed, valuatiosn and fact most people losted money in that internet boom means that they will go back to fundamental accountaing analysis..we just and I also will not buy a company on airy fairy projections of its future 5 years down the track, truthfuly like the most of you, it is because of Today's Success that adultshop has being lucky to continue to survive, if all they say is true, their cashflow will be even stronger, however, this type of busienss, it will be difficult to even last 5 years.... barriers to entry are low for content producers... i'm in it for the short term that's for sure, in other words, only for a year to a year and a half, when we get a chance to factor in Today' Success growth.. after that, we knows what will happen.. it certainly is a stock which is wanting to be classified as a growth story, but that will be revealed shortly...

    anyway,, keep up the good discussions....

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Currently unlisted public company.

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