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Very true, it was a easy cryptic message

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    Several things i wanted to try to gather from him, and sure enough you along with himself and others will also know what that is.....

    Interestingly, a similar proposition to the Investor Relations, Nancy Hackett yielded a return email suggesting that no revision is necessary and that they are on track ... (well of course!)...

    anyway, i'm just suggesting that a degree of cyncism is also healthy with investing, particularly with the market the way it is....

    i definitely want this stock to explode, if the report on the 13th may is achievable, than you will see that within a year and a half ASC should be valuied upwards of over $5 ($30m in bank at end of 02/03 with no debt)!!!

    Given the amount of money i've invested, that will be more than enough to return me a house on the hill :)

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Currently unlisted public company.

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