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very strange - manipulation?

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    Since someone else pointed it out, I have been watching with interest. That 100-share parcel keeps bobbing up on the Sell side at whatever price is top of the Sell column. If the sell price changes and the 100 shares get cleared up, another just re-appears.

    This is certainly very odd - it's suspicious of either someone trying to manipulate something, but I'm not sure what or how, or else some small investor dribbling shares out onto the market.

    Anybody any clues? Does anyone have access to a realtime platform that tells you who the seller is (e.g. which broker - online or real-life)? Is this someone sitting at home playing on CommSec, or is it an insto trying something to keep the price where it is until just before the close?

    Is it in fact the same seller each time?

    Any ideas?

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