very special kids - a wondeful charity

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    I hope noone minds me posting this here, as i guess some don't read the general board.

    Here's my post on a great charity & how to contact george if you wish to donate. A wonderful cause

    I've just been to the Very Special Kids fete. Had a good time, there's lots of great stalls. George was easy to find, on the wine stand of course.
    Any who live in Melbourne, and have a little time should drop in this afternoon. Still plenty going on.
    Those that can't, don't forget to get those cheques off to George, made out to Very Special Kids. Fully tax deductible, so you can give double.
    One thing that was important for me was to confirm that their admin expenses are extremely low, indeed much of the admin is also done by volunteers. I give a fair bit to charity each year and for many years now, I will not give a cent until I fully understand what % actually ends up with the charity recipients (in this case the kids) & what % either gets burned up in admin or goes into the pockets of unscrupulous promoters. You would be shocked to know of some of the admin% of some of the better known charities. Most street corner collections are like this with the promoter pocketing most, the collector some & the charity often as little as 5%. So whenever we get calls pleading for charity, we ask for their annual report to be mailed to us. Interesting that we never hear from most of them ever again.

    So dig deep & give generously. Even sell a few OXR shares. It's a nice way to give a little back from the large amount we have all made & the tax on the share sale comes back as it's all fully tax deductible. I'm sure OH & the team wouldn't mind if we sell a few shares for such a great cause.

    Well done to George and the army of volunteers for working for such a wonderful cause.

    I think we should adopt VSK as our official charity and as each OXR milestone is achieved, we agree to donate a little to them.

    Next time, $1.50, then $2, etc.



    Ned and anyone else re Very Special Kids. Anyone that feels they want to donate some money please feel free to give a yell here and I am only too happy to tally any money from anyone that commits and pay on their behalf and get the cheque in the mail or on the $ conference from them. I am very happy to write a cheque on behalf on any the contributors from the Ox. I have donated financially for many years and this year have started to get involved in the hands on stuff this weekend also. Just a wonderful cause. To anyone that feels this may be wasting the space here, remember we pay nothing for the use of this Board and a worthy cause like VSK might just be a tiny trinket to kids with cancer from some of our shared profits. It was not my idea to spruike this here, so if it offends anyone please ignore - Ned suggested this and I happen to think it might be a great little way to rally some funds for the kids. Naturally, it is tax deductable supported with receipts.

    The fete is on Saturday, at Very Special Kids, Glenferrie Road, Armadale and our money goes towards buying dozen lots of wine which we auction off and raise cash for the Centre.

    Again, if no interest, sincere apologies, we all have our favourite charities and cannot support evrything that comes along.

    Just a thought.


    Very Special Kids - Thanks so much for those wonderful people that have expressed an interest in donating a few dollars to this fantastic Group.This is further to last night's posts around 5-6pm. Any expressions of interest - contact me - [email protected]
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