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    I am a long term holder of HVN, but am rather disappointed by my recent experience on their website and resulting customer service. I went onto their website to price some furniture only to find no prices available, rather frustrating, strike one. I filled out the form to request a price only to find the online form didn't work, so after wasting valuable time to get this information ultimately I could not get anything at all in the end. Strike two. The customer service agent then simply dismissed my concerns saying if you are unhappy make a complaint via the website (which already is not functioning correctly) not bothering to find out any of the specifics of my issues and furthermore ignoring the other issues I had with my attempted ordering experience. The attitude was one of not caring at all about the issues and just wanting to end our conversation rather than trying to understand it in order to direct the issues to the appropriate person or department. Strike three. Then in the midst of our exchange the customer service agent simply hung up and ended our discussion. There is no strike four, but if there were then this would be it. I am annoyed sufficiently by this lack of information, poor customer service attitude and IT functionality to have gone on to place my order elsewhere. I find this level of incompetence and laissez faire attitude in a competitive industry highly unacceptable and has really given me cause to consider selling my holding in Harvey Norman because if I, as a holder, am led to giving my business to competitors due to this poor execution then what would be the approach of other customers who have no vested interest in the company.? Anybody else had similar issues, or have I just been an unlucky exception?
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