MBP 3.23% 3.0¢ metabolic pharmaceuticals limited

very nice technical close

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    Nice close above the 200 day m/a (1.304), first such close since just before Xmas, pretty bullish in my view and on decent volume (just shy of 2m). I know the 1.36 offers will probably hold things up a bit, but this has higher written all over it technically and we still don't even know what kind of collaboration/deal is in the pipeline. The company officially advised a while back they were in talks and an announcement of sorts would come within a few months (read January/February). I know the day traders are gonna keep adding liquidity to it, but it feels to me like there is more to it and a lot of day traders are gonna kick themselves for leaving so much on the table. Fine if you're a disciplinarian, but sometimes you gotta let the profits run and this feels like one of those times.

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