VPE 0.00% 41.5¢ victoria petroleum nl

very interesting ????

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    call me a cynic but vpe announced a new issue

    *( I think that makes 200 billion shares for this company - a record I`m sure !!!!)*

    last week at 1.5c price jumps to 1.9c - who`s buying???? and does this happen to ensure support for the latest issue ??????? (and then a drop after it)
    Can`t see anything new in today`s announcementSSS.

    Be very interesting to see if it can turnover this type of volume during sept. and up until the new issue offer closes in early Oct.


    is there a news release coming that is actually meaningful (eagle prospect - noticed Lakes up also),
    Jingemia, California, surat, coopers,carnarvon ... - who knows ???????
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