GRN gravity diamonds limited

very interesting comparison

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    Before GRN listed on AIM after it announced it would, the share price albeit in a stronger market went from around 30 cents to 84 cents the day it listed. Now it has settled back and looks to have more downside probably to at least low 40's on the chart. Now look at ORC. It announced on Friday that it is listing on AIM and has appointed a sponser. Price was 14 cents with 6 cents cash backing and a huge resource in Tibet which, like GRN, the overseas funds and brokers will love. Big backers behind it like GRN should ensure that the UK brokers will get in on their radar and lap it up. Today it's up to 15.5 cents with little stock around. So make the comparison. Much the same except ORC has a huge resource while GRN is exploration. Watch out for ORC.
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