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very hot for 2005

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    hi guys..

    this could be one of the hot shares 2005..

    possible takeover from Xstrata.

    worth looking at recent announcement:

    01 Dec 2004 AGM Presentation & Project Update

    more drilling results pending

    it sure will be an action packed 2005, almost a company maker..

    plus recent article

    check this article..(part in red)

    The acquisition of a 19.9 per cent stake in Matrix Metals by Chris Bonwick's cash-rich Independence Group NL is good news for all of the juniors looking to become north Queensland copper producers.

    Whether or not Independence follows up with a takeover bid for Matrix does not really matter. More to the point is the valuation implications it has for the other copper juniors looking to become copper producers up north.

    If Independence thinks Matrix is good buying at current prices, what does it mean for the other Queensland copper hopefuls? That was the question being asked on Friday afternoon after Independence declared its hand.

    One non-associated stock to benefit immediately was Exco Resources NL.

    Its shares shot 4 ¢ higher to 27 ¢ on the basis that its market capitalisation of $27 million looked skinny compared with the $62 million that Matrix now commands, given their respective copper resource bases and development chances.

    Exco's annual meeting is on tomorrow, where there could well be a rev up on both counts.

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