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    i posted on emm yesterday, and one or two days before that. i called it a dog, and when i first started reading the accounts, i was thinking that i had heard it all before - like for so many years now - but everything seems to be "just around the corner". anyway, by the time i finnished reading the report, i thought that i would take the risk and increase my holding. i hope that the involvement of Denora, will give the company more credibility with investors. Denora paid 9c for their stake in the company, and it is possible to pick them up for a similar price. of course, a lot hinges on the sale to this brazillian company. if and when the sale is announced, i may, or may not, increase my holding even further. never the less, this stock could increase by multiples. on a risk / reward basis, it is probably worth a punt. mind you, i thought this years ago, but alas, it has turned out to be a poor investment

    to those who hold - best of luck - you/ we need it
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