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    Hello Lomu,

    Sorry bit busy at the moment.

    We probably need to sort out the difference on the other thread. Bit hard to go further and discuss here when we cannot get past step one.

    In saying that as i have mentioned previously I am a firm believer of the SUN and PRESSURE is the majority of the forcing. Not sure i can say with 100% that it is ALL. But most anyway.

    Nikolov / Zeller, Connolly & Connolly and Holmes have had a bearing on the way I view the Universe.

    We all know that Gravity, pressure and atmospheric mass and distance from the sun play a HUGE part in average atmospheric temperature.

    Most climate models are based on the assumption that everything else in our world stays constant. that way they can put a forcing to CO2. Nothing stays constant. Relative Humidity is supposed to stay constant due to an increased supply of water Vapour that then evens out the drying of the relative humididty. Well that is not going to well for you guys.

    So yes i do not rate the ghg theory to highly. Does it have an effect on climate.. I dont think so.

    Existing LAWS of Science already explain the temperatures we have. A lesser knowwn scientist has put together a good paper. Simple but just uses the the temperature of Venus at 1 bar pressure compared to Earth at 1 bar pressure. Then take into the consideration of the distance of the sun from both planets and factoring in the SB constant. He pretty well nailed it.

    We have seen Zeller and Nikolov do the same but froma completely different approach.

    Anyway will try later.
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