Head in the sand from the guys. You guys cannot even explain...

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    Head in the sand from the guys.

    You guys cannot even explain your own science.
    You use no known LAWS in Science or show observations that CO2 back heats. You then tell others who use accepted LAWS in SCIENCE they are wrong but offer no alternative.

    Holmes and N+Z used LAWS in SCIENCE. Full stop. All I have done is just post that. But you guys say Nope. Not true.

    It is also fact that Holmes goes on and also in another paper that by using the Ideal Gas Laws that greenhouse gases in the is totally irrelevant to atmosphere temperature. He PROVES that for a well mixed troposphere that only Pressure can change the temperature or change of mass in the atmosphere.

    So both PV=nRT (and deriatives) and also TSI distance from the SUN explain the temperature on Venus so simply As opposed to you guys who are not able to explain your own science.

    Nice solid work fellas
    Lomu. No you are wrong!
    Tinnitus. That us all you need. Pressure and distance from SUN. why does that frighten you so much?
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