VCR ventracor limited


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    Hi Folks

    Ive been following this one since the MMD days.

    Just recently picked a few more up at around current levels.

    Seems to me that it will well and truly go beyond the $2.00 I thought it would hit by years end.

    I think this one has quite a lot more in it this year, especially when one considers other 'relatively' speculative companies and their price rises. Chemeq and Novogen come immediately to mind.

    The science/technology/design is ahead of other rivals.

    The companies reluctance to raise further capital at this time is also a very confident pointer to where they see their product in the coming months. For me this is a crucial point.

    Although this has accellerated appreciably in a relatively short period of time, its a question of 'when'...not 'if' it will reach and go beyond $2.00.....

    That is barring any unforseen mishaps along the way. VCR have been very patient and prudent re these trials (the long wait more than demonstrates this) so they are obviously VERY aware of what is at stake here. A one technology/product company has to be!

    My opinion, and it is only just that, is that VCR will be, or at least would have reached $3.00 by 2004. There is only one way for this company to go (taking into account minor drops in daily trading) if all continues according to plan.

    And that is up. The story is a good one, the rewards are high, media attention and awareness has been good...and will continue to be, the company is proactive re market communications (unlike many other ASX listed entities!)
    VCR is getting more attention and interest re bigger companies/investors.

    As always, only time will tell.

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