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    Hi Folks

    I am amazed at the debate/following here on VCR, so many following this company. Seems its up there, or beyond that, with HDR and PTD in their heydays!

    So many of us all have our opinions on what the true valuation of this company is.

    Currently the market says its around $2.06. I thought $2.00 was going to be the target by Xmas so I am nearly 5 months off! Nice to be wrong on this occasion.

    PE's are mentioned here in valuations and that is reasonable in estimating a value for a company.
    Thing is, many of the Biotech companies with excellent growth potential and projections are not usually categorised in the 'value' end of the market re low PE valuations.

    Clearly the market for these devices is still sorting itself out. Clearly the incumbents devices 'appear' to not be up to the standard/technology on a number of levels of the VCR product.
    Clearly the Medicare funding situation will have an impact on these companies future earnings/potential.

    The VCR share price is going up. I havent seen too many people/analysts get it right so far.

    I recall Bioshares giving it a valuation some time back around $2.50. Thats when the share price was well under $1.00. If thats the case, and lets face it , the Bioshares team are more credentialled than most, then VCR is undervalued.

    Cochlear floated around $2.50 from memory and shot up to around $50 back in 2001. Who forecast that? The PE certainly wasn't low was it?

    VCR has more to go. If the news stays positive it will go beyond $3.00 in my opinion. If it does that then who knows?
    Media are getting hold of it.
    The cnbc interview was fantastic for the company, and any investors needing further validation.

    Over 4 months left this year. My call is over $3.00. I consider this conservative.

    As always, time will tell.
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