Just another fact if I may, the economy sluggish performance...

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    Just another fact if I may, the economy sluggish performance under the Lnp Government can be put down to one thing they don't get!

    That is a citizens biggest spending (economy stimulating) years are between the age of 24 and 40 when they are supposed to have the earning capacity to go into debt to build/buy a home and furnish it while having their children.

    Accumalating wealth at the older, wealth hoarding and higher end portion of the population is an economy killing policy!

    The cash must be kept flowing through the economy by the spenders or it all stops in a depression!

    And that's the current trend in the economy figures!

    I hope for the good of all they wake up quickly!

    However there is a doubt how independent the public service can be with Two Faced Scomo unfortunately!

    The ones employed by the people to give frank and fearless advice!
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