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    The VentrAssist Implantable Rotary Blood Pump
    Dr Natalie James
    The VentrAssistTM Implantable Rotary Blood Pump (IRBP) is a centrifugal pump for long-term left ventricular support. The IRBP, controller and power system are comprised of the rotary blood pump, percutaneous lead, inflow cannula, outflow cannula, controller, and mains and battery power supplies. The device has no shafts or seals, and the rotor is hydrodynamically suspended and electro-magnetically driven. The blood-contacting surfaces of the pump have a carbon coating, which enhances the biocompatibility of the surfaces and functions as a redundant bearing system.

    Development of the pump has involved computational fluid dynamic modeling, a broad range of mechanical and electrical testing and in vitro haemolysis tests. Implants in sheep have been conducted to assess device function, design and performance, including haemocompatibility. An overview of this device development work, conducted in advance of Pilot Clinical Trials, will be presented.
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