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    If anyone here had read the minutes from various discussions that have been undertaken to the Centres for Medicare and Medicade it would be obvious to them that from studies done and successful transplant trials that VentrAssist is now better placed for success.

    CMS has decided that the improvement in health outcome is so large that the intervention becomes standard of care.

    Hospitals and surgeons are the real customers for the device and the patients the end recipients. Medicare and the like elsewhere, will fund the cost as it has been proved to be not only more effective treatment wise, but also more cost effective and refusal will mean a battle with the medical fraternity as well who would want the best care and treatment for their patients.

    The positive decision by CMS, to reimburse costs associated with LVAD's, will clearly change some attitudes and it will also bring possible suitors out of the cupboard, as the potential market will immediately be much larger.

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