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    what's to patent. germany is there already. And don't pretend to people here that the Ventracor idea is a big own the market no moving part LVAD. They already have one over there and it has been installed in a young child in the USA recently.

    Maybe they are patenting the box it comes in!

    Yes the Berlin Heart company has been selling its INCOR for quite some time and are years ahead of what VCR is hoping for:


    The functional principle of the INCOR axial pump differs fundamentally from that of pulsatile blood pumps:

    Blood coming from the heart flows into the axial pump and first passes an inducer with axially arranged blades which direct the blood flow onto the impeller.

    The impeller is held by a magnetic bearing and has no physical contact with other parts. It takes care of actual pumping, rotating at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm. This corresponds to a potential blood flow of 7 l/min (against 150 mm Hg).

    The impeller is followed by a stationary diffuser wheel which takes the rotation out of the blood flow and additionally builds up sufficient pressure to transport the blood to the aorta.

    To date, pre-clinical trials have confirmed the INCOR's outstanding compatibility with blood, a fact already demonstrated in the course of in vitro tests:

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