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    VCR going forward into 2004

    Just to follow up on some discussion M Spooner had before his resignation.

    VCR has and will established partnerships that are fundamental to VCR's manufacturing strategy, and also part of sales and marketing plans in secondary markets.

    VCRs primary goal is to obtain regulatory approval and in doing so spend shareholder funds wisely.

    VCR has spent a lot of time finding manufacturing partners who have what they need ¡V the ability to get up to speed in a timely way, at the right price. VCR has chosen a number of partners, many of whom are American. VCRs decision to engage partner organisations is based not only upon where their markets are but also because of the very nature of the product, which commands high precision and very high value add.

    By wisely choosing their manufacturing partners VCR greatly increases their flexibility into the future. They also create a structure for future sales and marketing endeavours particularly in the United States.

    The issue for VCR is not how to manufacture, but how to evolve and develop the manufacturing to obtain economies of scale.

    There can be little doubt Ventracor is on the brink of an extremely exciting period.

    - Ventracor has completed primary R&D associated with the VentrAssistTM device and commenced human clinical trials.

    - VCR is moving rapidly toward an international trial as a further step to market.

    - VCR is actively looking at potential new uses or applications for the unique technology.

    All looks good for 2004
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