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vcr - alternative uses

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    We know VCR have a patent on their pump design

    We know this pump has the potential to cover a lot of areas in and also out of the biotech industry.

    VCR has told us that the pump has only one moving part, the impeller. No bearings, no seals and that the coils are built into the body and the magnets built into or are a part of, the impellor (coils + magnets + voltage = motor)

    We know that pumps are used in countless applications around the world and in most cases they are all built to supply basically two specifications, pressure and volume.

    If the capacity and speed of the VCR designed pump can be built to suit different requirements then we would have mulitple applications.

    The VCR pump would also be attractive from a maintance cost perspective - only one moving part

    VCR will soon add more on the mechanics and this should be interesting
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