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Vanadium price continues up trend, page-227

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    I'm calling BULL**** ON THIS POST
    As anyone who has been on this site for the last 5+ years will tell you I am bolted onto the Vanadium story.
    The Journalist is Andy Colthorpe, I seriously wonder if he is a lazy journalist or is the PR spokesperson for VRB. A quick review shows he is the Editor for Energy Storage News. and was previously a writer for P V Tech. Energy Storage News contact address is 2nd floor Buckingham Palace Rd London (Same address as "We Work Office space and Co-Working" )
    I have become totally cynical with the new breed of Journalist that write about world affairs without ever leaving the lounge chair and are too lazy to even update the stock of images they download from other sites. Andy likes the VRB site for his images.
    This article dated June 2022 has all the flummery of a PR consultant. (I like flummery we should use it more) and my definition of a consultant is someone who knows 100 different ways of making love but has never known someone to try them out on.
    In 2017 he wrote a piece about a 200mw battery being (the emphasis is mine) built for Ronke Power in Dalian China by VRB a company with strong ties to Robert Friedland. (If anyone can untangle the VRB/SRL/Ivanhoe/Robert Friedland thing good luck) In 2018 he followed it up with story about the commissioning of a demo plant. The Ronke Power battery at my last info was meant to be commissioned in mid 2021. My question is did it ever get built and if so why have we not heard a lot more about it. And this article continues to talk about the 200Mw plant that is going to be built.
    Another background story in this article is the Battery for the Pangea renewable project at Port Augusta South Australia that project was first reported in 2019 with completion being 2020. It still has not been built but a quick search reveals it is due for completion in 2023. Must have been the pandemic, which brings me to the rub, I am over it's going to happen, but next year. Unless there is a pandemic, a war, recession, credit squeeze. or the cat had kittens. Like Chas24 who has been posting since 2017 but only on 2 companies TMT and SRL both of which I own. I can attest that SRL has also been very promising next year. for more years than I care to think about. When is next year.
    Last year Ian said we will have a consolidation report mid 2022. There are 9 days left until mid 2022 which is the end of the financial year. He has not let us down yet. Telling the market that a project will be completed in 12 months in this case mid 2022 is great, it gives expectation that something will happen about June 30th Give or take a few months. But as that date draws near it would not be unreasonable to bed that date down to a narrowing band. If I was a CEO and I went to the market with a broad date I would be locking the people doing the report with their KPIs.
    So within 9 days we should be getting......... or it could be in the next financial year.

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