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Vanadium Lithium

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    Perhaps I have missed something in the last five years but Vanadium and Lithium may be joined at the hip rather than competing
    Both TNG and PLS have some synergies as well as historical connections
    JH: Where you have a problem with the batteries in the Volt or Leaf is with power production. They're lower-voltage batteries. They're around 3.2 or 3.3 volts, and they're what are called '10C' batteries. An amp hour-rated battery can kick out 10 amps or charge at 10 amps all day and night without overheating or becoming damaged. At 10 amps of current and 3.2 or 3.3 volts, you're looking at a 33-watt cell. That's a reasonable amount of power, but it's not outrageous.

    If you look at a lithium-vanadium phosphate battery, it's a 4.2-volt cell, but the battery itself is a 50C battery. That means the same amp hour-rated battery can kick out 50 amps of current for as long as it lasts. The advantage here is that it's 50 amps of current times 4.2 volts. That's 210 watts of power as opposed to 33 watts

    This is a great article and I hitherto didn't consider Vanadium in automotive batteries because of weight  - it just seemed impractical--
    Significant this was written in 2011 so I wonder what has developed in the 4 years.

    Also significant that American Vanadium was touted then as a small but significant player, but at the present time they still are not actually producing as far as I can tell. Perhaps mining is like mating elephants- It is accomplished at a very high level with a lot of roaring and screaming and then takes a long time to get a result.

    (seems you cannot post in both TNG and PLS simultaneously any more?????)
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