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    latest deal for one tenement area = $25m input value(basis $110m for 75%)when spent.

    heinschtell field valuation $25m 1/3rd =$8m

    add up 15m shares in BURU energy @ 77c =$11m roughly
    reimbursement of prior exp by conoco =$1m
    cash in bank =$4m
    plus $200k income/month for corp exp

    forgetting the other tenements and moeller updip etc as well and i figure there may be more meat in the value sandwich,once heinschtel resource is confirmed,or more holes are poked in that 30km trend.

    so current market value has discounted all other upside.

    as the little birdie outside my window says
    especially as management have made it plain there is no need for any shareholder dilution to fund planned drilling.
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