MDL 0.00% $1.75 mineral deposits limited

valued less than cash and stock and running

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    MDL. Small profitable producer of heavy minerals. Presently valued at about equal to the $5 mill in invetory that is awaiting shiopment. In addition it has aroudn $4.5 mill incash plus a profitabel operation. On this basis seems very undervalued.

    For some reason today bidders are jumping over each other to get on board. Something may be cooking.

    - takeover
    - it's taking an interest in another mineral sands concern
    - maybe some good news coming

    Basically it appears well undervalued and for some reason today people want them. Worth checking out if you like a stock with limited downside and aren't too fussed about big liquidity.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    I hold

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Currently unlisted public company.

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