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    This latest announcement provides an interesting insite into the increasing value of TKGs investment in Matchtip.

    First Quarter Activities & Cashflow Report

    Announced by: TAKORADI LIMITED (TKG)
    Announced on: 06/11/2002 17:17:08
    Part: C
    Words: 846
    Status: Market sensitive (Y)



    HOMEX - Sydney


    To assist with current working capital requirements, the Company has
    entered into a financing facility for $1,000,000 with Harreson
    Company Limited ("Harreson"), a Hong Kong based investment company,
    at an interest rate of 10% per annum. The facility terminates on
    31 December 2002 but may be extended by mutual agreement.

    Takoradi presently holds 60.56% of the equity of Matchtip Limited
    (UK), the Company's UK software development company and Harreson
    holds 39.44%. Takoradi holds an option over additional shares held by
    Harreson which could reduce Harreson's holding to 27.49%. Harreson
    wished to cancel its option arrangement with the Company and
    consequently agreed to make an advance to the Company to provide
    additional working capital as a mechanism to achieve such objective.
    This loan, however, can be repaid by Takoradi at 31 December 2002 or
    extinguished by way of cancellation of the option agreement and
    payment of a fee equal to 2.4% of the Company's interest in Matchtip.

    The above arrangement could result in either the Company reducing its
    holding in Matchtip to 58.17% if the loan is not repaid, or on
    repayment of the loan, the Company would maintain its 60.56% interest
    in Matchtip however it would retain a reduced level of option over
    part of Harreson's 39.44%. If this options is fully exercised at a
    cost of approximately $600,000, as agreed in March 2001 at the time
    of the acquisition of Matchtip, Takoradi's holding in Matchtip would
    increase to 70.11% and Harreson would reduce to 29.89%.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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