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value of i p

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    I would like to remind those of little frostyness (patience) that we are all forgetting the actual value in the company just on the IP that it has and the standing plants that deliver that polyprenol plant stuff.
    What would the price be at auction on the open market fro just the IP let alone a working plant extraction "factory"
    Go boys do your is a bit like saying OZL is worth only 50 cents...37 cents is cash in the bank making their mines,equipment, etc etc only worth 13 cents a share. I don't think so...forget the fear based stuff ATM...go value the polyprenol extraction techniques and the plant that doe sit and then see what the shares are worth. The stuff is registered and sales will come when the marketing is moved into another gear.
    They have the ONLY polyprenol extraction plant on this planet...what is that worth...wake up team and pick up the shares the way I wonder how fried rice and pine-needle extract taste.
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