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value of gas

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    Dudes, one of things that I have been trying to come to gripswith is in the Pj Tj terminology and what that means in relation to price.

    Reference to price, when they refer to it is it for 1000m3 or feet or other measure.

    if it is m3, then 1Pj which equals 31.60 million m3 is therefore worth some, using $4 per 1000m3:

    31,600,000 divided by 1000 times 4 = $505,600

    So china creates revenue of $75.84m (150Pj), not that much

    if it is per 1000 cubic feet, then it is some 30 times more or $2.275Billion, which seems nor reasonable

    If it is cubic feet, every $1 rise in the price of gas means that each Pj is worth an extra $948,000 in direct revenue and therefore direct profit (31,600,000m3 X 30/1000).

    I think that it must be cubic feet. but those smarter than me, can they confirm.

    please comment

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