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value of fortitude to cvi...

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    To get the Fortitude deal in persepctive, remembering CVI will likely own some 65%+ outright...

    Also considering the recent diamond deal with Endiama, the following article regarding BHP's commitment to exploration in the region, should at the very least give some indication of thet might want to pay for someone who has already made the inroads, made the discoveries and indeed has one of the largest ground positions in the country.



    Angola: BHP Billiton invests US$63 million in Angola
    [ 2008-02-11 ]

    Luanda, Angola, 11 Feb – Australian mining group BHP Billiton, the partner of Portuguese company Escom Mining in carrying out geological surveys for diamonds, has invested US$63 million in Angola, the head of the company in Angola said.

    According to a report in newspaper Jornal de Angola, Paulino Neto said that the Angolan subsidiary of BHP Billiton currently operates in the diamond sector, after having worked in the oil sector, and is now considering extending its activities to other mining resources.

    The chairman of the board for BHP Billiton Angola said that the company, together with Escom (of Portuguese group Espírito Santo) is working on interpreting the drilling and surveys that are being carried out in its concession areas.

    Australia-based company BHP Billiton is the world leader in the natural resources sector.
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