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    Ok here goes a real rough back of the beer coaster valuation

    1.5bn tonnes at 30% Fe, so lets call it 500,000,000 tonnes.

    Current ore benchmark now $US85 per tonne. That values the reserve at $42Bn.

    NOTE: Have not included mining and processing cost

    Now there are 281m shares and about 200m oppies, so that makes about 481m shares out.

    Value per share = $42.5Bn / 481m = $88 per share.

    Now comes the hard part - what does it cost to commercialize and process? Would $10Bn do it?

    If so then that would cost $20 per share.

    So lets say that CFE is worth, wait a second...... ah there it is.

    The answer is CFE is worth more than $1.00 per share

    And please note I have NFI when it comes to valuing extraction costs.

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