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valid questioning

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    Its always wise to question what is happening will it won't
    it, Its a question most ask when we buy specs and on a lot of threads these questions are howled down and your seen as a traitor to the company and feel intimidated to say anything that doesn't conform to up beat positioning on the company.

    A lot feel a nervousness when things are coming to a head and the company has to start moving forward and is looking to do that but as we all know everything is not written in stone.

    But while Questioning you have to look at the facts and assess what we know, this is a pretty good thread and a lot have shared there knowledge they have found out by either asking the company or internet research or some tidbits what they have heard.

    1 We know MHL and Sentry principles A Hart and MHL MD Jon Rostenburg met in Jakarta today. To me if you not signing and discussing forward planning for K-stan why meet at all but to through Gravity survey and sign.

    @ Why meet in Jakarta we know Jon has been over to S E Asia unless it is to meet other principles from Indonesia oil companies as it required by indo law that they have a % I can't say that they will sign something up there and then but it must be close to actually meet there.

    these are just my assesment of what happening not to allay anyones fears as I can't read the future, but to give a reasonable assesment on the current situation I am sure others have thoughts it would be interesting to hear them.
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