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valentines day message

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    My love, my true love

    Whilst you forsake me and leave me in dust, its your love that I do trust.

    Oh dearest Katey take me as an offering to the Ukrainians.

    Thoust can throw me to the Ukranian babes (you know the ones on the Russian wives websites) and let them have their way with me...over and over again.

    All for the love of Uran. I wont take no for an answer. I insist it is best that I go...

    I must sacrifice myself for the cause.

    Fear not fellow holders. I shall return. I will prevail.

    We must leave my dearest Katey, Ukraine awaits!

    Take my hand...no thats not my hand..but take it anyway, and let us seek the holy grail together.

    Happy Valentines Day my true love!

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