vale the headless thomson gunner

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    G'day Folks,

    Sad news; Warren Zevon singer and songwriter died on Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

    Zevon was wrote songs with extraordinary lyrics some examples of which are:-

    Excitable Boy - a song about a young man who committed outrageous crimes which were explained away because he was an 'Excitable Boy'

    The Envoy - written around thirteen years ago about the troubles in the Middle East - listen to it if you can, the lyrics are still meaningful today

    Desperado Under the Eaves - about an all time 'loser'

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - you can guess what that is about

    Roland The Headless Thomson Gunner - perhaps my favourite - about mercernaries fighting for various causes and the eternal life of 'The Headless Thomson Gunner'.

    Carmelita - about a drug addict

    Weervolves of London - perhaps his most well Known song

    Then there are; Mohammed's Radio, Frank & Jessie James, Lawyers Guns and Money, Mr Bad Example, Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead, Poor, Poor Pitiful Me, It Ain't Pretty All and so many more.

    Zevon, knowing his time was limited started recording a new albumn around a year ago which was released in the US only a few weeks ago. Various major artists including Springsteen collaborated on the albumn - a must buy for true believers.
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