V.MMY partner from ASX: ODY

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    they are producer, begin to drill murchinson this month, had 55 millions dollar of cash and market value in moment only : 58 millions!!!!!

    Yesterdays close 0.16 CAD on tsx!!


    In December 2020, Monument sold an 80% interest in Tuckanarra to Odyssey Gold Ltd., leaving Monument with a 20% free carried interest and a 1% NSR royalty over Odyssey’s 80% interest in the property.

    An unincorporated joint venture was formed with Odyssey to advance the exploration over Tuckanarra. Odyssey will be solely responsible for funding the exploration and evaluation activities at Tuckanarra until a decision to mine is reached.

    The future processing of ore from tenements held by Odyssey through the Burnakura plant remains an option should commercial terms be reached.
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