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    From the Kitco Forum:
    I have a horrible feeling in my guts, that they will round all the central banks together, dump the Washington
    Accord, and convince all the World's major central banks to sell Gold now in order to stop sytemic collapse
    of the financial system. Maybe that's what the meeting is on about tonight. They cannot allow Goldman Sachs
    to go under, they will convince all the Central Banks that dumping Gold is part of the plan to fix the Terrorist
    situation, and Prechter's forecast of Gold at $180 may come true. Then they wil re-purchase, at $180.00
    which may be the final bottom. I hope this horrible gut feeling is wrong, but I' don't like this hefty drop
    The Stochs on the long term monthly charts have been showing a distint topping action for the last 2 months.
    For the feds sacrificing the Gold Industry at this point is much more pallatable then the whole financial system


    to assume announcement of "emergency measures" within 24 hours. two of the largest US banks have zero liquidity...perhaps broke.

    Whack the bear
    for Interactive performance comparison Charts on S&P500 $USD Euro and Gold
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