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    With the schlumberger deal in USD good old ISS has a massive win coming in the half yearly report one would think.

    Experts are all calling the AUD below .60 in the new year.
    Which makes this deal even more attractive.

    With QGC about to be over taken by BG International i wonder if they continue the relationship with bablefish ??

    Mars must be due to look at expanding the product across it's many production's be 5-6 mth since they had the Ballarat plant "BABED". With the aquistion of Wriggly's global we could also have a spin off contract awarded.

    Either way news is due and the Veecat clause of .35 has been broken....

    Postman PAT is due and holders will be inclinded to reinvest at these levels is my guess.

    Tower / veecat / max you blokes have any thoughts ?
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