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USD 125 million debt due in less than 12 months - we can't pay this?, page-2

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    Rubbish post.
    1. Loan will be refinanced in USD, fx is irrelevant. USD income stream vs an AUD cost base. Depreciating AUD is beneficial.
    2. A40 deal is important in highlighting there still remains interest in the sector albeit from the more expensive end of town. A mix of snr debt + mezzanine + equity is highly likely and should, i dare say would be supported by existing shareholders. Do the basic math you talk about here and see what that looks like. You don't shut down a mine making +ve cashlow despite still being in ramp up.
    3. Binding offtakes are always a challenge. Some form of security often helps "bind" the offtaker. Be it a prepayment or standby line of credit against which the producer/seller can draw if the buyer fails to pay or take. We know ganfeng are monetizing their prepayment and will continue to do so, it is in their interest.
    4. China has 100% processing of spodumene ... So we should take comfort in having Chinese offtakers who have a finger on the pulse in China. They are much closer to the action than anyone else.
    5. Equity participation by Shan Shan and AB with a clear alignment of incentives. Shan Shan isn't in this to shoot the breeze.
    All imho
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