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usb versus the real and whole market valuation

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    People.....some question how much UBS....some firm and how much they think AED is worth based on old news.

    Lets be honest.

    How much is AED worth?

    Answer: The market decides. ALWAYS.

    Not UBS..not anyone at all....the broad market...which involves UBS...but not uniquely.

    Think for yourselves.

    I topped up at 1.83 and hold at about $1.85 average which I fell bad about as I know within time I will make more than 3 times my money.

    We know hedge funds are targeting individual company's of which AED, CNP, AFG have been mentions.

    AFG has a suspicious future.

    As does CNP.

    does AED?

    they have a disputer contractor claim to support and a lot of oil.

    Negotiations are said to be almost supported.

    If AED announces a JV partner or another partner on Monday....we are back on and I only hope I had gone in hard...but the trading halt beat me.

    Good luck is to a good AED week.

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