usa surveillance

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    How many wars are the yanks geared up for?It seems they are looking for trouble in all parts of the globe.Spying here, spying there,listening here,listening there.Is it their goofy home brewed religions that make them want to listen at every keyhole.What good does it do them?The World Trade Centre came crashing down anyway.Perhaps they don't know what to do with the information they receive......information overload.If they are not carefull they are going to be regarded as the worlds weirdos.Listening to their military gurus on TV,they have a bad case of Nintendo.Their ability to communicate with fellow human beings seems to have vanished overnight.A nation without a cause,friends or a leader.Their only task has fallen back to supplying the children of the world fireworks to injure themselves with,and then to chide them for playing with them.
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