usa suffers humilating defeat at falluja

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    USA suffers humilating defeat at Falluja
    by Yussef Tuesday November 09, 2004 at 04:42 PM

    I have been in contact with relatives in the north east quarter of Falluja in Iraq who have given eye-witness accounts of an humiliating defeat inflicted up American forces bested in a fire-zone near the Euphrates.

    Speaking by satellite phone, two cousins gave an account of how Resistance martyrs took out at least 10 or more Americans who were diverted from their main column while trying to enter Falluja.

    The Americans lack local knowledge of the streets around the north east quarter of Falluja which crosses a meander in the Euphrates and Resistance fighters have found that by picking off the leading and trailing ends of advancing columns, they can panic the aggressors into cross streets behind shops and factories and rows of older style homes.

    One in the sideways, the aggressors are easy targets for enfillade fire coming from rooftops.

    By the time the yankees regroup and return fire, the freedom ighters have escaped through the houses, and make their way to new positions simply by moving from one house to another, and taking to the roofs.

    This gives them a huge advantage over the Americans plodding along the streets below.

    My cousin Ibrahaim said one large helicopter - he doesn't know what type - crashed and burned near an orchard beside a school off Assad Street in the neighbourhood of Bis.

    Rumours are flying about an incident at a police station where Americans thought they were joining up with Iraqi National Guard, only to have the Guardsmen change sides, and firing on the unsuspecting Americans, causing many casualties.

    A wounded American prisoner was seen crying as he was escorted along a safe corridor to a holding area.

    At least three bodies, two definitely American, are lying on Haifez street near the post offce (which was destroyed).

    that's all at this point.

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