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    Novosti is the Russian News and Information Service....

    I've been watching Russian News fairly closely since Beslan, waiting for Putin to indicate/act out Russia's next steps. ....Russia and the West co-operating in anti-terrorist activities. Hmm..... that leaves some of Europe, China, the various arab states and some Asian countries un-aligned/uncomitted.

    Putin will put the boot in.....


    12-10 13:58 * U.S. * RUSSIA * TERRORISM * FIGHT * COOPERATION *

    NEW YORK, December 10 (RIA Novosti, Andrei Loshchilin) - Aslambek Aslakhanov, Russia's presidential aide for Chechen affairs, and Yevgeny Khailov, the chief of the Anti-terror subdivision of Russia's FSB, met Javier Ruperez, the executive director of the CTC (counter-terrorist committee of the UN Security Council) Secretariat, and Raymond Kelly, the New York police commissioner, in New York on Thursday, to discuss cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

    "We spoke the same language," said Mr. Aslakhanov.

    According to him, during the talks with Mr. Ruperez, the Russian side laid out the steps it assigns priority to in intensifying anti-terrorist efforts. In particular, the Russian presidential aide said, the talks highlighted law-making measures to provide inevitable punishment for those involved in terrorist attacks and unify the legal base in this area for all UN members.

    According to Mr. Aslakhanov, the conversation with Mr. Ruperez was professional, interesting and considered specific steps spearheaded against terrorism.

    The counter-terrorist committee headed by Russia was set up in September 2001 in accordance with the UN Security Council's resolution 1373 in the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, which claimed nearly 3,000 lives. Since then, the orange alert has been on in New York. Over this period, security forces have accumulated substantial experience in preventing a repeat of 9/11.

    According to Aslakhanov and Khailov, their meeting with Raymond Kelly focused on sharing experience in the anti-terrorist sphere and proceeded in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

    On the same day, the guests from Moscow watched a documentary, the Beslan tragedy, of the Rossia Channel in Columbia University.

    I did not know that the US and Russian special services actively cooperated in investigating the circumstances of the Beslan hostage taking, in particular, in identifying several killed foreign terrorists, Bill Dell, professor of NYU (New York University), shared his impressions after watching the film and the discussion that followed.

    This cooperation gives me hope for more secure future. My interests include tracking Al-Qaeda in the Caucasus, and today I received some additional information on the score, said professor Peter Sinnott of Columbia University. In particular, he continued, this is why the information about explosive devices that suicide bombers had strapped to their belts in Beslan and Dubrovka attracted my attention.

    On Friday, Aslakhanov and Khailov will fly to Washington where they will meet Patrick M. Hughes, the deputy secretary of homeland security, and Richard Armitage, the deputy secretary of state

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