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    September 3 - Gold $313.60 up $1.60 - Silver $4.45 unchanged

    Gold Cartel Brings Out Monopoly Board: Gold, Do Not Pass Go ($315)

    Rumor has it that The Gold Cartel was parading around the Comex pit with a Gold, Do Not Pass Go ($315) sign hoisted in the air. After a few laps, representatives of the various bullion banks in the cabal sat down to play Monopoly with bored Comex traders.

    The rigging of the price of gold could not be more obvious than today (the high in the cash market was $315 offered). Factors supposedly friendly for the price of gold were glaringly super positive, starting with the dollar:

    New York, Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- The dollar had its biggest drop in eight weeks against the euro on concern tumbling global stocks and signs of slowing U.S. economic growth will curb the flow of money into the U.S.
    The dollar suffered, even as stocks slid in Europe and Japan, because of the record U.S. current-account deficit, analysts said. The shortfall needs to be offset by an infusion of money into dollar-denominated assets for the currency to retain its value. –END-

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