GOLD 0.51% $1,391.7 gold futures

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    It certainly looks suspicious. I mean gold approaches $325 last night with good buying and then in the last 20 mins of trade, it gets hammered down to $320.

    I am a believer of this conspiracy because I think it shows up in the gold price action and therefore it cannot last forever especially if these hedge funds decide they want to have some fun and take these bullion banks on.

    I remember reading or seeing on TV an analyst saying that market manipulation does in fact occur however when the manipulation is designed to reverse a particular trend as we are seeing in gold, rather than aid the current trend, that this action will in fact cause the current trend to eventually become more powerful.

    In other words, these people who are trying to stop the price of gold going north are actually doing themselves a diservice and will ultimately assist in the upward movement of the price of gold.

    interesting times.


    go OXR
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