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    September 9 - Gold $321 up $1.10 - Silver $4.57 up 6 cents

    CRB Flying, Gold and Gold Shares Advance

    Gold traded $4 higher at one point on the Comex on a medium volume trading day (estimate 26,000). Locals were caught long and dumped their positions late in the session as the cabal showed up around the $325 area and pressed gold back. Most of the damage to the gold price occurred in the last 20 minutes.

    The most promising tidbit of the day was that a floor clerk told a Café source that he is hearing that "Chase" is massively short gold and will have to cover if gold goes $330 bid. Now, that is something that we have known for eons, but to hear the floor talking like this. Yum Yum!

    JP Morgan Chase has been found out. Bout time! Once the hedge fund sharks get a hold of that type of input they will go after the very vulnerable Morgan. As reported last Monday, that is already the case:

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