allies ever...please read

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    What other democratic country is prepared to put it on the line......time and time again.

    Why the bl**dy hell they even bother to help us has got me stuffed.

    For the past 85 years many countries have been kissing the Yanks @arse to help them when it was too late.No,no they don't ask I should say they beg them.Well the Americans have woken up to how bloody weak Europe is.Tippy toeing around trying to negotiate with the Bosch and the Nazis in the last two wars was pathetic.

    Better to go in now and screw them before they screw us and what a mighty job they are doing.

    God Bless all Americans.

    Sorry if I have offended you but when half of your family gets sucked into wars that should have been nipped in the bud then it is fantastic to see this type of action.

    God Bless America

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