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    It looks like Anp isn't getting much love over in the USA.
    the phase 2 data is great but the big phamrcy ain't interested untill phase 2b with placebos are involved.

    it's like Anp just finish phase 1.
    because short period in time n low dosage.
    phase 2b needs a longer trail n higher dosage and with placebos. To get attention

    I think the fact is anp isn't getting much love due to the fact.

    1.phase 2 isn't justified as a susuful due to 0 placebos n dosage isn't high enough to see if there ill affect like taking too much medicine would cause health issues or make kids sick.
    2. The fact phase 2b will be 2022 data read out.
    3. Anp doesn't have enough to finsh phase 2b unless they apply for rnd tax refund.
    4. The long wait.
    5. The global recession is too dangoures for some to hold for 2 years.

    in USA anp has pass 5c its atcaully when down 0.001
    maybe some are betting on septra due to anp long wait n will wait untill the end to see if anp can reach phase 2b n be susuful.

    it either we will go back down to subs 5c to 4c for next 2 years or be 10c with a jv to help fund 2b n m.s.
    either way would love to see anp plans or timeline chart for the next 2 n half years.

    Some might be buying n selling this down making sure it doesn't reach a certain market caps. Because.

    1.investment firm only invested or search for certain Mc.
    2. A competitor is down selling to make it alot harder for Anp to finsh phase 2b n harder to raise cash due to a failing sp.
    3. Selling at a lost to try n give anp a low ball offers.

    either way 2 years going be bloody.
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